Oh Dear...

Train. Wreck.

Absolute train wreck. 30% off at the team store? I'm afraid you'll need to be paying me to wear such an abomination. Which, I suppose, is how they got those gentlemen above to don them. Ignoring for a moment the awfulness of the red away collars and those apparently bloody sleeves...What's the deal with the little red patches on the shorts?



  1. Wow.

    (I just turned the monitor to my wife. She took in the picture for a good 15 seconds, then said, "Wow.")

    In neither case was that a good 'wow,' in case the DC pr 'braintrust' is lurking.

  2. Hey, what I said.

    As for the red blotches and stripes, high-def TV is the culprit. Sheeyit, wait until Nike gets the contract for all NFL unis next year. United's new clown suits will look drab by comparison.

  3. It's hard not to look at DeRo's serious 'bad-ass' face and just laugh because of the clown suit he's wearing. At least Najar is playing the part by understanding the abomination, as you put it, he's being forced to wear and smirking

  4. I can handle the bloody sleeves and away collars, but the collar darts on the home and the period pantie splotches have got to go. Maybe the red on the shorts could work if uniformly extended around the entire leg like a classic pair of adidas shorts. I know, there is only a snowball's chance of that happening.