All Apologies, Dear Readers

It's been dark around here, hasn't it? Sorry about that. The triple-whammy of new baby, ugly summer cold, and the start of youth soccer season (kick-off tournament this weekend for my U-10 girls) have combined to lay waste to my posting ambitions.

Not that I haven't tried. I've managed to watch about half of the United games in full since my last reaction post (in fits and starts -- two hour, uninterrupted viewing windows aren't a feature of my life just now) and have even begun a post or two. But some combination of the disjointed, distracted nature of my viewing, physical and mental exhaustion, and a lack of solid blocks of time to write within have killed them.

I'll be back. Eventually. Things are starting to settle a bit, but normal service isn't going to resume in the near future. Expect more of a trickle than a flood in the months to come, but know that FBF isn't dead.

Thanks for your patience.

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