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If you have an interest in being a sponsor on the Fullback Files and reaching my erudite, passionate, wealthy, and good-looking readership, terms are negotiable for text-based advertising, but I've got to find your site, service, or whatever it is you offer to be at least somewhat related to what I cover on the blog, namely the beautiful game of soccer. Text ads will appear in the sidebar section "With Support From".

(NOTE: I will never accept ads from gambling/poker-related or adult websites. There are no exceptions, so please don't bother asking.)

If you have an interesting idea for advertising other than the text-based ads discussed above, I will consider it, but please note that the Fullback Files will NOT participate in advertising campaigns that:
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  2. Require exclusivity. I value my long-term sponsors, and wouldn't ditch them for short-term gain.
  3. Include paid posts. See #1.
  4. Require ads to be placed in sections where they are not labeled as such.

Book/Product Reviews:
I will gladly accept products for review and include links to your site in the review, but:
  1. My review will be an honest opinion. You take the good with the bad.
  2. I will disclose (at the close of the post) that the items in the review were provided to me for the purposes of creating the review.

Link Exchanges:
I don't mind being contacted in regards to link exchanges, but be aware that:
  1. If you want to appear on my Links page, you should be either a friend or a neighbor of FBF. If you've left some comments or otherwise participated on the blog, you're in (just let me know who you are!). If you've got a relevant site I find useful or intriguing, you'll get the golden ticket as well. If you offer what I would consider to be valuable services or information then you'll probably get past the gate too. But if you want me to be a sharecropper on your link farm or propose some sleazy three-way exchange deal, I won't even dignify you with a response (you have been warned).
  2. Likewise, If I link to you, the anchor text will be your site name. I have a zero-tolerance policy with this. If I receive any requests for link exchanges that propose otherwise, I'll know you haven't taken the time to read this, and your email will be deleted without response. If you want to specify anchor text or use keywords, may I kindly suggest that you refer to the "Sponsorship" section above.