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Hi, my name is Michael, the fullback behind the Fullback Files. If you're wondering what FBF is all about, you needn't look any further than the header image up there. "The Fullback Files: an American soccer blog." It pretty much does what it says on the tin, though since I'm a fan of the US national team and DC United (and therefore, by extension, Major League Soccer in general), the majority of my posting will reflect those particular interests.

I'm an American living in the rural uplands of central Pennsylvania. Soccer has been a part of my life (to varying degrees) since the age of five. I was a fairly good youth player, though that's where my serious competitive involvement with the sport ended. Gradually, my affection for soccer has shifted from an appreciation of the physical and mental tests it provided me as a player to an obsession with the tactics, history, variety, and drama of the world's game.

I have no special connections, no inside information. I just like soccer and enjoy writing about it. FBF isn't about breaking news or feeding big chunks of grist to the rumor-mill. It's about a fan sharing his perspective and love for the game with other fans.

Thanks for reading,
Michael (aka: Fullback)

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