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The Fullback Files boasts several recurring types of posts.

The MLS Dogpile
A weekly Major League Soccer power ranking, with placement based loosely upon recent performance, current league standing, and a healthy dose of je ne sais quoi. The league is divided into three tiers. The Alpha Dog sits atop the pile, followed by the seven members of the Playoff Pack. At the base of the pile are the lowly Bum-Sniffing Omega Mutts.

MLS Table Talk
Each week, we examine the current state of the Major League Soccer table. No conferences. Just a single combined table showing league position, movement, and goal statistics, followed by a look at trends and anomalies, as well as the league's statistical leaders (and losers!).

Tickle v. Tackle
TvT puts in an appearance from time to time, and true to its conflicted nature, the posts can come in variety of styles. Generally, I'll present stories from around the futbol world that are catching my notice, and either argue both pros (Tickle, as in "tickles my fancy") and cons (Tackle, preferably studs-up!). Or perhaps I'll present a topic and provide stories or links that reveal both sides of that issue's particular coin.

Monday Back-Pass
Let's face it, the weekend is generally where most of the action takes place. The Monday Back-Pass takes a quick glimpse back at the weekend-that-was, covering the stories, the matches, and the controversies that caught my attention.

The FBF Glossary
Every so often, I, or one of my readers, will coin some new term or turn of phrase. Such gems will make their way into the FBF Glossary, complete with definitions and helpful imagery.

Match Reaction
Arguably the heart of the beast. My match reaction posts generally find me fresh from the match, with the invective set to kill and the gears often lubricated with wrath and alcohol. Unless, of course, my side happened to win. In that case, the bitterness and cynicism are toned down slightly, though rarely are they completely eliminated.

What I Want For Christmas

Every holiday season, I take off-season stock of the DC United roster. After picking over the roster in mind-numbing detail, I reveal the five things at the top of my DC United holiday shopping wishlist. Now if only the FO would listen!

Roster Reset
Running the pre-season numbers as DC United attempts to pare down its playing staff to fit within the strictures of the MLS roster regulations, the Roster Reset keeps track of signings, waivings, trialists, and even the odd rumor or two.

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