Goats Jr. 1 : 2 United

DC finally get one in the win column in less-than-convincing fashion against an under-strength Chivas, but it's a win nonetheless. Gomez with a nice volley finish and Jaime in style from the penalty spot provided the necessary goals, but another goal conceded via a defensive lapse is not a particularly encouraging sign.

The Good
A victory at last! Gomez looked to be contributing a bit more than in previous matches and Perkins seems to have regained his confidence and his form as he made a handful of key saves. Kpene looked good and Moose and Casal were solid without ever being spectacular.

Four at the back is helping to keep things a bit tighter defensively without sacrificing too much in the way of possession. DC now have another week off to heal and get the promising trio of McTavish, Fred, and Simms back into contention for playing time.

The Bad
Far too many chances were conceded, requiring Perkins to pull off some great saves to preserve the victory. It's been really worrying so far in MLS that teams seem to be able to ratchet things up to a higher gear and play faster in spurts. During those spurts, DC looks unable to adapt.

It's hard to pin down, but that's the impression that I have sometimes - the other teams look young and energetic and full of ideas and United look tired and jaded and slow, almost like they're willing the game to slow down to their sedate, controlled pace. While it's good that United have a week to heal, it would probably be better if they could build on their first victory quickly with another match this week.

The Ugly
Moreno took his goal well, but seemed to slow the game down too much and really didn't create too many chances for himself or others. The youngsters were getting in good positions but seemed a bit at sea when confronted with the opportunity to make the right decision.

Finally, the number of silly turnovers has to drop. Brian Carroll in particular was particularly loose with the ball. As the anchor in a four-man diamond midfield, he simply can't afford to be casual and wasteful with the ball. Plus, he seemed to be caught upfield and out of position far too many times.

I'm not sure if it's just a lack of confidence or an inability to handle the responsibilities of being the only deep-lying midfielder, but maybe we should experiment with playing him as an outside back in the reserves to increase our defensive depth. Just a thought.

All in all, I'm pleased that United have finally won a game in the league, but a little disappointed in the manner of the victory and the long wait for another game. DC really should have bossed this game, with Chivas missing half of their midfield and being rather vulnerable at the back. That said, Chivas are a quality team despite their recent loss to the Galaxy. Four points from the previous six, taken against strong opposition, should give United some confidence going forward. They've spotted the playoff pack a bit of a lead, but they have the entire summer to position themselves for the run-in to the playoffs.

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