MLS Dogpile (Week 7) - Movin' on Up


1. NE Revolution - The Revs stay on top this week, but their stay is wobbly. Despite the win, the Revs were completely dominated by Houston and didn't really play that well. The bad news for the rest of the league is that the wandering Revs now have a few games back at the big Razor. Next week's match with surprising Kansas City could consolidate their currently shaky perch atop the Dogpile.


2. Red Bull NY - 4-0 over the Crew was maybe a bit flattering, but the Bulls deserved their win and put an end to their mini-slump in style despite missing some key pieces of the squad. A hearty congrats to all of the NY metro area that they managed to break 10K in attendance on Saturday. Poor Juan Pablo Angel must be looking around at the football lines on the field turf and a cavernous, empty stadium and wondering what the hell he's gotten himself into.

3. Kansas City Wizards (+1) - A decent fightback for the draw at Colorado. Their move up the rankings owes more to the Dynamo's fall than their own performance. Next week they'll get a chance to prove they deserve their high ranking when they take on top dogs New England.

4. FC Dallas (+4) - The co-big movers on the Week 7 Dogpile, Dallas jumps four spots on the back of two victories. In fact, they may have jumped over KC as well but for the fact that they were outplayed in their victory over Chicago and only beat RSL on a late bomb from Gbandi. Despite sitting atop the West, whither the Little Fish? There are injury claims, but color me a bit suspicious. Trouble in paradise?

5. Colorado Rapids - Another home draw sees the Rapids hold pat at number 5. The Dick isn't turning into much of a fortress as Clavijo's men haven't won at home since opening day. Next week they get another chance as Landon and the Galaxy roll into town in a game that I think will be revealing for where these two teams are headed this season.

6. Houston Dynamo (-3) - Down go the Dynamo as two losses dump them down the pile. They don't fall further because their performance against TFC was actually decent and they completely manhandled the Revs and dominated every aspect of the game except the one that counts - the scoreboard. All that needs to fall into place for the Dynamo is scoring. Once they get that worked out, they'll be climbing again.

7. DC United (+4) - Besides Dallas, United are the other big movers this week. A quality win against a form side backed by a packed house in Toronto has to boost the confidence. The fact that it was a come from behind victory after a lackluster first half gives United a glimmer of hope for the remainder of the season. United also demonstrated that they can still be successful in the 3-5-2/3-4-3 that they have favored over the last few seasons. Next week they host Houston in another tough match. You know that the faithful will in top form - will United be as well?

8. LA Galaxy (-1) - A draw against their city rivals, who they have traditionally dominated, doesn't do much for the Galaxy. A poor return of 5 points from 5 matches is not good enough if they expect to still be in contention for the playoffs when Becks arrives. Next week, they take their show on the road in Colorado. Will Donovan ever stop that patting crap when he scores? It looks like he's searching himself to find out where his dignity has gone.


9. Chivas USA
(-3) - A draw in the LA Derby was about what they deserved, but the Goats are winless in their last four matches. Next week they have a tough match as they play host to Western Conference leaders FC Dallas. Can they turn things around?

10. Chicago Fire (-1) - An improved performance this week, but another loss sees the Fire continue their downward spiral. Three losses in a row and a tough Thursday Night Fubol matchup with the Red Bulls do not make for good reading. That said, if they can get a result in the sure-to-be-empty Meadowlands, a Sunday home match against MLS whipping boys Real Salt Lake gives them a chance to get things headed in the right direction again.

11. Toronto FC (+2) - Unlike the Rapids, TFC are turning their home into a bit of a fortress. Despite Saturday's loss to DC United, in truth the game could have gone either way and United are perhaps a bit fortunate to grab all three points rather than just one. Still, 6 out of 9 points in 8 days is good business for an expansion franchise. Next week they get a chance to see if they've learned to travel as they head across the border to face struggling Columbus.

12. Columbus Crew (-2) - They were probably better than 0-4 indicates, but anytime you ship 4 goals, it's not good news, particularly for a team as reliant upon its defense as the Crew are. Next week they get a chance to avoid a winless May as expansion side TFC come to town in a bottom of the East clash.

13. Real Salt Lake - There's nowhere to go but up, but another loss doesn't help the cause. They played relatively well in Dallas but succumbed to two strikes of real quality. This team needs some serious re-tooling if they expect to finish anywhere but at the bottom of the pile.

So, Chivas and Houston are falling while DC and Dallas are movin' on up. The usual suspects are starting to settle to the bottom while some interesting things are happening at the top of the pile. Are the Revs going to run away with the Supporter's Shield รก la DC 2006, or will Dallas or the Red Bulls reel them back in? Things are looking interesting for a long and busy Summer of Soccer in MLS.

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