Poor, Poor Esky

The kid just can't catch a break. First he gets drafted number 1 but has to ride the pine for a season. Then he gets his chance, hits form, and starts banging in the goals all the way to MLS Cup MVP, only to be KO'd by Neander-thug Matt Reis for a year or so. Finally, he works his way back past the headaches and headgear, trying to find his scoring boots again and go into a season healthy, only to be dealt away to an expansion franchise...for a freakin' partial allocation!

But the kid's tough and a player, so he sucks it up and goes out to make the best of it and hey, guess what, Toronto start winning games and the fans are great. Hey, the team loves him so much, they give him a blog on their website! Then he bangs one past his old side DC United. He's starting to get that old mojo back and then - WHAM - Mo Johnston kicks him right in the nuts! Ouch, that's got to hurt. From the team that was supposed to suck the most in MLS this year to the team that seems to have a lock on that title. Good luck Esky! You're gonna need it.

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