Thursday Night Futbol: Burn Baby, Burn!

The Fire are on a serious skid as they drop their third in a row. Despite dominating long stretches of the match, seven shots is a pathetic return. Even more pathetic? Only one of those shots was on goal - in their own house. Ouch!

A few talking points:
  1. Chicago's three-man back line was exposed on several occasions in a fashion that looked eerily reminiscent of DC United's early season troubles. Will Sarachan opt for the formation switch to a four-man back line or will he keep plugging away with what he's got?
  2. Morrow's pre-season dealings and decimation of the Dallas midfield are starting to look justified. Is it just me or is he watching his old club Arsenal and trying to piece things together with a defensive shield (Gilberto = Ricchetti) in front of the back four and an assortment of technical types racing around the rest of midfield?
  3. Is Ruiz finished in Dallas? The fact that the late game sub up top was Oduro is even more damning than his not starting. You could claim that Oduro was brought on to use his speed to exploit Chicago throwing everything forward, but Ruiz probably would have been the more valuable sub as he can hold the ball up and maintain possession down the stretch, not to mention drawing/fabricating free kicks and punishing Chicago if any chances come his way.
  4. Anybody else enjoy Chicago playing in Toyota Park with Honda as their shirt sponsor? Shows you how much people must really hate Red Bull.
Oh, and how many ways does ESPN suck?
  1. There's a freaking game going on! The "30 at 30" crap is annoying, but at least they've got the game on in the little box. Why can't Allen Hopkins be stuffed in the little box? Why does he deserve the whole damn screen? He started off the worst sequence of ignoring a game in process that ESPN has ever perpetrated. First, they've got him babbling on about Ruiz, then they show Ruiz on the bench for at least 30-45 seconds, then they get a shot of Morrow, and just when you're about to blow your brains out in frustration, we're back to Ruiz. It had to be at least two minutes, if not more of NOT SHOWING THE DAMN GAME IN PROGRESS! Ugh.
  2. If you don't take the game seriously, how are fans supposed to? OK, the shot of Toja vs. Nigel from Spinal Tap was mildly amusing and just slightly annoying. The booth guys quip about wearing number 11 was even somewhat sly. But the Tommy Smyth with a 70's rock 'do almost made me launch the remote at the TV. Since I was over at my parents watching the game on the big plasma in glorious HD, I did manage to control myself.
  3. How long did it take them to notice that Bedrossian had been subbed out? They were still attributing passes that Brian Plotkin was making to him at least 10 minutes after he was out of the game.
  4. I could go on, but I'm sure I'm blocking out some things in my rage. Oh yeah, why do we need to see hunchback Blanco getting introduced to the fans or Club America highlights DURING THE GAME! Halftime - fantastic. In game - die now, miserable soccer-hating guy in the truck. OK, ok, I'll stop now.

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