Thursday Night Futbol: Own Goals Galore!

So...two teams so inept that they have to score goals for each other AND I get to listen to Wynalda, Smyth, and O'Brien. Sign me up! OK, so the game wasn't that terrible. Both sides created a handful of decent chances and the keepers made a few good saves to maintain the 1-1 draw. Freddy played a fairly decent match - getting hit on the head must have helped. That said...

Rants, sure I have a few. Will someone please, please, PLEASE get a FIFA rulebook so ESPN can figure out how offsides works? Numero Dos - more game, less Kreis. Honestly, how many extended shots of the new RSL coach do we need? I get it - he looked intense - intense like an overage boy-band sociopath (nice hair). Forgive me for spending the last two years with Piotr Nowak power-chomping his way through wads of Big League Chew or Nicorette, or whatever the hell that cud was. I know what intensity looks like, thank you, and I'm glad it's present, but there's a game going on!

Which brings me to another issue - maybe some of that intensity should have rubbed off on the broadcast crew. It's a soccer game, not baseball - there is very little dead space to fill with inane stories and off topic musings. My patience with Davey-O has just about run out and adding Tommy Onion-bags doesn't help my blood pressure, though at least he generally manages to keep the chatter focused on soccer.

And finally, will someone please shoot the Yellow Shoes Fairy? She's spreading them around like the plague and needs to be stopped - quickly.

So, that's what surrounded the game, what about the creamy filling? Surprisingly, RSL doesn't look too bad. Keystone Kops defending aside, I think 1-1 was a fair result. They didn't sit back, they created chances, and were unfortunate with a couple of those chances. Rimando still looked his typical lost self on crosses and corners, but actually came up with a few decent stops, and Adu showed a bit of his promise. Could the problem have been Ellinger all along? Time will tell, though Kreis seems to have the ship pointed in the right direction.

Of course, nature seeks a balace. I don't get why a lot of people have been so Rocky Mountain High on Colorado. They have a decent midfield, but are mediocre to poor in every other part of the field and they have of coach of proven MLS incompetence. It was only a matter of time before the new stadium buzz wore off and the dregs settled to the bottom. Home loss to Houston? Check! Home draw against the second-worst team in the league? Check! Welcome back cRapids, allow me to give you the boot!

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