Tickle v. Tackle 3

  • Is Eddie Johnson back? The hat trick against the Revs suggests that the Grown-Ass Man might be "throwing his spear in the ground" and getting ready to give a few "fist shaking performances" in the Gold Cup .
  • The USSF wants to revamp youth soccer in the US. It's a step in the right direction, but will the American sports parent understand that winning isn't the only thing? It will be interesting to see what this leads to.
  • Marcelo Salas to the Fire? The rumor mill is spinning. With the Fire showing a distinct inability to finish lately, this may be a good move. Salas is still only 32 and has been a fairly consistent scorer at some high-level clubs. With the recent success of another 30+ year-old former River star, the signs are positive. Add in Blanco in a month or two and the Fire start to look pretty dangerous.
  • Is this the Chivas USA National Team? Borstein and Guzan are Gold Cup bound and a given to include for the China friendly, and I can even give a pass to Kljestan, who is a promising younger player despite his recent poor form, but Marsch and Razov? Aren't there any younger players plying their trade in Europe who have a few days free? Don't we already know what these players bring to the table? Let's get a look at somebody new. This smacks of nepotism, possibly of a lack of perceived depth in the player pool, and a little bit of desperation. Blech!
  • So will the USSF youth agenda be "my way or the highway"? They have a tendency to to have a narrow focus demographics-wise, which could prove deadly to any expanded youth scheme. As the agenda isn't fully formed and faces significant opposition, I'll withhold judgement until I can see more information.
  • Booooo Everton! While it might benefit a player looking to establish himself in the US National team, it will certainly hurt Wednesday's promotion push next year if the Toffees steal Simek away from us.

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