Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On

Major rumblings are coming out of Salt Lake, according to Goff. I guess my question of "How long will Ellinger last?" from the previous two MLS power ranking posts has been answered. But it's not only Ellinger, as the GM is gone as well and there are rumors of further news on the wind.

Is this Checketts imploding his own empire? Are they leaving town? Is Freddy bolting for Europe? Hmmm...

Rampant speculation aside, the appointment of Kreis as player/manager is interesting. I'm guessing that he'll remain as a player, but maybe he's going to hang up the cleats and be just a manager. Whatever the case, he knows the team well and has a long history in MLS. Will this be the shot in the arm that RSL need?

Probably not, but I live to be proven wrong.

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