Tickle v. Tackle 5

  • DC United are starting to look like the free-flowing attacking side they were expected to be this year, but Ben Olsen with the "Perfect" hat-trick (one with each foot and one with the head)? Ben Olsen? Are you kidding me?
  • Juan Toja is rockin' the mullet and the league - the kid looks a keeper for Dallas. Great goal from a tight angle this weekend. It's just after Benny's blast in this lot.
  • DaMarcus Beasley has something about him now that I haven't seen before. Is it just confidence, veteran poise, a certain je ne c'est quoi? Whatever the case, he's picked up his game for the US. Maybe he should be making more of the chances he gets, but it's encouraging that he's getting into those positions and actually giving it a go unlike, say, Eddie Johnson. The switch to Rangers could be ideal as he should be a featured part of the attack in a side with regular European appearances.
  • I'm beating a dead horse here, but La Liga is going down to the wire. Into the final weekend and three, yes three, clubs still have a shot at taking the title. Fantastic stuff.
  • Blanco with a typically classless move against Honduras in the Gold Cup. Hey Fire fans! Are you ready for some roja?
  • The LA Galaxy is in a world of hurt - losing games, shipping goals, breaking bones. Donovan is away for another month or so with the National Team, Beckham is probably a month and a half out, and you've got Edson Buddle and Abel Xavier riding to the rescue? Not much of a cavalry if you ask me.
  • Speaking of Donovan, what's with his crazy-ass rituals? The patting, the rubbing, the kissing - next thing you know he'll be festooned in rabbit feet and sacrificing chickens prior to kickoff. Check out the poor kid's OCD in this clip.
  • Lionel Messi continues his one-man quest to replicate the highlights of Maradona's entire career, complete with both the brilliant and the unsavory bits.

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