Wheelin' and Dealin'

Crazy Mo keeps the deals coming! It's been at least a week since his last one, so he was pretty much due right? This time, he sends Goldthwaite, a serviceable option to cover left back and center back in MLS, for Dunivant, a quality MLS left back sniffing around the fringes of the national team.

Unless the Bruce is clearing cap space for a big signing, this is another win in the Fullback Transfer Wars for Mo, whose acquisition of Marvell Wynne, also from the Red Bulls and also starting to spark some interest from the national team, has already proved a winner. Goldthwaite has been starting for Toronto, despite his marginal contributions to the attack and oftentimes shaky defensive efforts, but Dunivant is a definite upgrade.

So let's guess Mo's next move. He's pretty well sorted at fullback and up top. Adding Collin Samuel to the fold gives him some pretty decent depth up top and on the wings, and Robinson-Edu are solid in the middle, though they could use some depth there.

The big problem seems to be central defense and goalkeeper. The trouble at keeper is that you've got Canada's #1 already in the net and even if he's been struggling a bit, if you want to upgrade him, nationality restrictions mean that you've got to dump a senior international. Unless, of course, they want to try and go for a proven MLS-quality Canadian in Onstad, who's probably on his last legs?

In central defense, they've added Tyrone Marshall, but he's been struggling all season with LA. Will he and Brennan pair effectively for TFC once he returns from suspension? Time will tell, but this may be the area Mo needs to address next. The problem is, of course, that pesky senior international problem. Any quality Canadian center backs floating around out there for Mo to snatch up?

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