Bizarre Love Triangle

Family + Futbol + Me = often incompatible. But this weekend, we'll be capping a family visit to the DC area with a trip to Estadio RFK. Besides high school games and television, this will be my 4-year-old's first real exposure to the beautiful game and we're going to sit on the loud side, diagonally back from the Barra Brava, so I'm quite sure it will make an impression on her young mind. Owing to the rigors of the trip and the lack of internet access, the Fullback Files will resume its regularly scheduled programming at some point on Sunday.

I will of course be toting along my trusty hPDA, so I was thinking of keeping track, as best I can, of the numbers wearing the shirts of various and sundry "Saviors of American Soccer" who won't be anywhere near this match. Who will show up in the greatest numbers, the Donovanistas, the Beckhamites, or the Aduligans? Place your bets now!

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