Copa Dope - Jaime and Some Other Stuff

Jaime looked pretty darn good out there, particularly his burst down the sideline, hurtling Uruguayans until he was felled by Diogo and nearly setting up an equalizer from distance in the late going. Though he may not be well-rested on his return to DC, at least he'll be full of confidence following his contributions to the Bolivian cause. Unfortunately for his nation, but fortunately for his club, he should be on a plane home before the week is out. Uruguay and Venezuela's wins put Bolivia bottom of the group and needing to beat Peru and get some outside help in order to advance. With the way this Copa has been going, I wouldn't put it past them, though at this point it looks unlikely. Combined with an American early exit, United could be back to full strength as early as this Sunday's match against the Dynamo.


  1. Hot damn. Well, it's been fun down there but I guess the party's over. Didn't realize we could have them back so soon.

  2. Both Bolivia and the US were fighting uphill going into the tournament, so this isn't a real surprise that both teams could be going home after the group stage. I just hope the US acquit themselves well tonight and on Thursday.