Copa Dope - Poor Bolivia

Despite dominating the match against Peru and a lovely goal from Moreno, the Bolivians, up a man and up a goal with just minutes to go, fall at the final hurdle. Peru's late equalizer cut short the Copa for Bolivia, who would have advanced as the second place team in Group A with the win. Bolivia played some really nice stuff in this tournament, and I'm sorry to see them bow out after being so close. As a United fan however, I'm happy in a miserly sort of way as Jaime has looked good for his national side and I'll be hoping he can carry some of that form back to MLS.

The results in Group A mean that Uruguay have wrapped up one of the top third place finisher spots. We'll know tomorrow whether the US will have any shot at advancing. The best possible result would be wins by Mexico and Brazil, with Mexico crushing Chile. If those results fall out and Mexico beats Chile by three goals, any US win will see them (somewhat miraculously) advance to the knockout stages on goal difference over Chile. So what are the chances that Hugo "rests" his players in an attempt to screw over the US? Not likely, as Sanchez and Mexico are too proud to do such a thing, but I guess we'll find out tomorrow.

On a side note, what is with the GolTV crews insisting that Bolivia's young striker Arce is 17 years old? I've heard it mentioned numerous times during the Bolivia matches. Finding it remarkable that more ado (pun intended) would not be made in the world futbol media of a 17 year old with the ability to shine at the Copa America, I did a little digging. All of the information I can find points to a birthdate of April 10, 1985. By anybody's math that makes 22. What gives? Fuzzy math at the GolTV studios? Even by Ray Hudson-esque hyperbolizing standards, that's a bit of a stretch.

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