Tickle v. Tackle 10

  • The U-20's got dumped by Austria, but they had a pretty good run at the U-20 World Cup. I'm fairly certain we'll be seeing a few of those boys step up to the full national team as qualifying for 2010 progresses.
  • USL teams are absolutely abusing MLS in the Open Cup with the quarterfinal brackets reading USL 4, MLS 3 with one game pending tonight as Chivas take on the Sounders. We're guaranteed a USL participant in the semifinals from the winner of the Kickers-Railhawks match. Now if only they'd put a little money in it and get some press attention, this thing could get pretty interesting.
  • Amen, Bryant Gumbel! Jesus, never thought I'd hear myself saying that!
  • Speaking of the Blessed One, how hilarious will it be to watch Alexi and MLS HQ scramble if Becks' injury keeps him out of the Galaxy lineup for a few weeks? That sound you hear is a hundred thousand ticketholders flushing those little scraps of paper down the toilet.
  • DC United's defense is still looking shaky and thin despite assurances from the coaching staff and the front office that everything is fine, they'll come good in time for the playoffs, and man is that some sweet kool-aid. Maybe, but you DO NOT give up points after getting a three goal lead at home. Not now, not ever.
  • Once again in a major tournament, the side playing the best stuff loses out to the lethal counterpunchers. When the hell did Brazil morph into the Azurri? Still, it was a pretty entertaining Copa, so the final can be forgiven a bit.
  • MLS trading madness continues with the Beckerman-Ballouchy swap. Isn't RSL-Rapids supposed to be the Rocky Mountain Derby, fighting for the Grizzly Adams Cup or whatever the hell they've cooked up out there? Come to think of it, wasn't Beckerman talking smack to RSL and her fans just a couple of months ago? WTF?

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