Tickle v. Tackle 9

  • The Open Cup third round is serving up some shockers as MLS clubs send in the young guys and get spanked for it by some USL sides determined to show their quality. As the depth and quality of both MLS and USL expand, could the Open Cup begin to grow in importance? It's no Man United playing a non-league side on a mud-patch in front of a couple of thousand fans yet, but maybe we can get there in say . . . a century or so. DC United have to be ready for the Islanders tonight.
  • The rumors are swirling that Denílson and Okocha are on their way to MLS. While I'm not too sure about Denílson's commitment to anything beyond money and parties, those are two players of immense skill and imagination that could really fire the interest of the casual MLS fan, not to mention daring young American players to try the outrageous once in a while, which can only be a good thing for the future of futbol in this country.
  • Speaking of outrageous, how about Freddy Adu's late bit of magic to set up the winner against Brazil? I didn't quite get as far out of my chair as I did with Feilhaber's blast to win the Gold Cup, but I'm sure I was just as loud in my amazement. Could the kid really amount to something after all?
  • Yes please!


  • What the hell is with the roster for the All-Star game? 4 defenders? Really? Pope and Jones? Really? Save the sentimentality and give some players who've actually done something this year a chance to show their stuff. Why doesn't Houston, far and away the best defensive team in MLS, have any defenders or goalkeepers on the roster? I believe something like 32 players are "official all-stars" which gives them bonus money and the extra line on their resume, so pop Pope and Jones in that list. Jones has done well recently, but hasn't been doing it all season for a team on the wrong end of the table and Pope is anchoring a miserable RSL back line that's shipping goals. I know they've made great contributions to MLS and US Soccer in general, and it's often upsetting to see stars age and fade away into retirement, but these are some pretty dim "stars" if you ask me.
  • All this, for a friendly? Way to pimp the league ESPN! I don't mind the extra coverage of soccer, but a 90-min SportsCenter focused on Becks? An iso-cam focused on Becks? In a friendly? I wonder how much of that commitment carries over to MLS?
  • I think I caught a glimpse of the aforementioned "iso-cam" in the LA highlights from this weekend, only focused on Captain Kissypooh for the most part. It seemed to feature in every highlight. Ugh! Let's just hope it's only for replays and such and that they don't spend the whole damn game doing picture-in-picture just so you can see Goldenballs picking his nose or scratching his ass when he's not involved in the play.
  • Hmm, I think I've seen the new Galaxy kits somewhere before. But where?

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