US Open Cup - United Reserves Beached!

Ugh. At least they didn't hold this match on City Island or I may have been tempted to make the trek down out of the hills to catch this game live. I think I issued a warning in this morning's Tickle v. Tackle post that United had to take care with this match based on the results in other round three ties for MLS sides facing lower division opposition. It sure was easy to laugh at the Galaxy earlier today, wasn't it?

Well, congrats boys - here's your 1-0, and there goes the chance for more quality minutes! Back to the thankless grind of the reserve league for you! I was hoping they'd make it through so Arguez would get a shot in the next round after returning from the U-20's with a sore bum from all that pine-riding, but ah well - guess the depth isn't quite what it's made out to be.

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