United Recap - SuperFrustrating

Not good enough. Now, admittedly, I only tuned in around minute 35 when I just happened to do a search for the SuperLiga website to see if there were any match trackers, only to find that hey - they're webcasting the damn game! What the miracles of modern broadcasting technology can do for those of us leading Telefutura-less lives.

In any case, it seemed that the teams were fairly evenly matched, with Morelia having probably a bit more quality than United, but with DC a goal and a man up midway through the second half, they simply can't leave a man on the far side that wide open and give him time and space to shoot. True, he hit an absolute rocket - but you never, ever give him that look in the first place.

Of course, prior to that equalizer, United gave a demonstration of the impotence in front of goal that haunted them against the Metrobulls this past weekend. At least Emiligol kept things on frame. Fred's blast over the bar from about 10-12 yards out running onto a strike with options aplenty for where he wanted to place it, probably would have sealed the victory for United. Alas, the mono-monikered one "filled his pants", allowing Morelia to come back for the draw.

Sadly, this was arguably the most beatable team in the group for United and they failed to pick up three points, which most likely means we can kiss another trophy goodbye. I hate to say this because we're only about halfway through the season, but I'm just about ready to write United's chances off for MLS Cup as well.

I know that anything can happen in MLS and whatever team gets hot over the last month can probably make a run at the cup, no matter what their regular season table position was, but I'm just not feeling it from the boys in black right now. Also, I'm unconvinced by Tommy Soehn. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt for now, but he seems maybe a bit tactically naive, and doesn't pull the trigger fast enough (or even at all) when changes need to be made.

"Hello darkness, my old friend . . ."

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