USA Recap + Copa Dope - We're #12!

Well, that pretty much defines "not with a bang, but a whimper". After a simply awful first half, the US dominates the second but can't find a finish and is lucky to escape being sliced open on the counter. I suppose throwing out the "C" team for this match could have made that first half predictable, but it was still a bit disappointing to say the least to see them fall for the third time and claim the dubious distinction as the last-place finisher in the tournament.

I pretty much agree with Goff on what we've learned this summer about the national team, but I'll do a more extensive wrap up here on the Fullback Files after I get back into town. If I can manage the time and internet access while away, I'll put up a couple of posts, but don't expect too much more until Sunday night or Monday morning at the latest.

After the absolute beating Houston handed out to Red Bull last night, I have to say that things look fairly bleak for United this weekend, but I'll keep hope alive. At least we'll have a chance if we can defend set pieces. Fingers crossed that Perkins stands on his head again and that Benny and Bobby are fit to play after returning from the Copa.

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