Sunday Night Futbol - Fugly with a Capital "F"

You know how there are some games where neither team deserves to lose? Well, there are also games where neither deserves to win - case in point the LA - Toronto affair. Great crowd, great atmosphere, but a miserable game. Edu for TFC looks like he's maturing into another one of those solid 2-way midfielders that the US seems to be stockpiling at the moment, and TFC did have the better of the chances though they never really went hard for the win.

One thing is for certain, Becks or no Becks, come Thursday night, DC better jump all over these clowns and punish them early. Even if 20k of the 40k packed into RFK are of the squealing adolescent girl variety, and another 10k are Euro-poseurs in Arsenal and Barcelona kits, the joint should be bouncing. Their confidence has to be low and if we come out hard and get a few early, it could turn into an absolute bloodbath. That said, we've been punished far too often by Captain Kissypants and his rabble. But just look at the team they're fielding! No excuses.

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