So, call me a paranoid delusional and a cynic. Go ahead, I'm giving you permission! Now let me see if I get this right. Dallas HQ gets freaked out that they've sold a bunch of tickets to their SuperLiga match with LA, but that the reason for those sales, some guy named Beckham, seems like he won't even make the trip to Texas. So Dallas HQ issues a statement, trying to nip a massive fan mutiny in the bud when Golden Balls doesn't show up as promised.

Now, let's flash forward to last night, where the defenses were just woeful, passive observers as the opposition tore through them. Dramatic? Yes. Exciting? Yes. Boatloads of goals? How about these 11 "golazos" which feature an assortment of attackers blitzing through, around, and between disinterested defenders. Disinterested, or perhaps "encouraged" not to try too hard? What better salve for the Beckham-less hordes than a wild, high-scoring, almost scripted affair?

I say "almost" because the ideal, of course, would have involved Dallas actually coming back from four goals down to win the game in stoppage time. Maybe Dallas just couldn't get enough on target, maybe Cannon didn't get the memo. And Donovan's throat-slash? C'mon, he's an LA kid! That's Angelino for "CUT!" As in, "that's a wrap folks, we've scored enough to make them happy."

Whatever the case, in a tournament that's featured a high of 3 goals in a game thus far, 11 is a little suspiscious. Particularly when you consider that these are both Western Conference MLS sides who face each other a handful of times per year in addition to their SuperLiga date. It's not like they didn't know what the other was bringing to the table.

Scoff if you like, but something's rotten in the state of Texas.

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  1. Don't see anything ill informed about this. That's legitimate skepticism you've got there, and it's a good point.

    This year's SuperLiga has been fantastic, hasn't it? Isn't that a bit fishy, too?