Tickle v. Tackle 14

  • Oh how I laughed to see Lehmann off to a flying start in the Premier League with his massive blunder against Fulham. The only thing that would have been sweeter is if the mistake had cost Arsenal the game. I take that back - if Lehmann had tried to dive or fake a leg cramp while committing his error followed by Healy whirling about and drop-kicking the big German in the crotch followed by the entire Fulham team gathering about to defecate on his prostrate curly-headed oafishness - now that would have been a bit sweeter. Not pretty to watch, but charged with a certain malignant joy that knows no explanation.
  • Now, I don't claim to be, nor have I ever been, a particularly big fan of hockey, but Cap's owner Ted Leonsis gets some massive respect from the Files for this.
  • The Houston-Pachuca semifinal rematch was an epic affair with comedy (DeRo's lovely ricochet off the face shot), drama (three red cards and a late Houston equalizer), and the awful, embarrassing agony of Joseph Ngwenya's penalty miss that doomed Houston. Two continental tournament semifinals in a year in which Houston goes out to Pachuca, both with plenty of goals. I smell international rivalry brewing!

  • Alright, go ahead, tell me how stupid I was to sign Viduka over Martins for my EPL fantasy team. Go ahead! I debated back and forth, but felt Viduka would be the better bet over time after Michael Owen returns to fitness (in whatever century that occurs). He still probably will be, but when you debate with yourself over something and then get burned by it in Week 1 - oh, it stings!
  • Have I mentioned yet about the nasty, nasty feeling I've been having about Wednesday being in for another massively disappointing season after the promising close to last year? Yes, I believe I have - and here's a bit of confirmation from the real world. Ugh!
  • Damn David Moyes! I'm glad that I didn't pick Everton as my EPL team to follow this year after they made it all the way to the final round. Last year he tried to steal Bougherra from Wednesday (serves him right to be right back down with Charlton), then he missed out on Simek, now he's going after Brunt. Argh! Well, looks like Brunt is good as gone anyway. See the previous point for my feelings on that count.

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