Tickle v. Tackle 15

  • Manchester United are struggling in the Prem and off to their worst start in as far back as I can remember. Despite picking them as my pre-season favorites to repeat, I'm more than happy to suffer my own humiliation at being wrong to see them suffer through their own misery. Unfortunately, they're too strong of a side for this to continue for long.
  • Another United, this time of the DC variety, extends its win (and clean sheet) streak to three games with a bit of samba magic from Fred and Emiligol. Fred and I share a birthday, and if he didn't roll around on the ground so much after every strong challenge I might be willing to vault him up there into my own private pantheon of United heroes. As it stands, he's going to have to bang in quite a few more before I forgive his Martino-esque behavior. As for Emiligol. Dude must be psychic as he read Ezra's mind to nip in and filch United's second. Sweet, sweet, predatory instincts.
  • I'm pleasantly surprised with what the DP's are bringing to the table, not just in the way of fan support, but in the raised quality of play. Schelotto, Beckham, Angel, and Blanco have all been excellent additions to the league so far. I'll withhold judgement on Reyna till he gets healthy - like that's ever going to happen.

  • Rob Styles with a shameful display to rob Liverpool of an early advantage in the nascent title race. In fact, the refs have been pretty miserable all around in the young Premiership season. And all this without the presence of one Mr. Graham Poll!
  • As a Sheffield Wednesday fan, I've nearly become inured to the misery the Owls seem destined to heap upon my shoulders. Pessimism has become second nature. Doom and gloom are the status quo. Yet still, this miserable start to the season is like a kick in the nether regions. Bottom of the table - aaarrrggghhh - Not Again!
  • The US U-17's open their World Cup with a miserable display against lowly Tajikistan in their opener. While a handful of the kids looked up for the game, the majority seemed slow to react and disinterested. That's got to fall squarely on the coaching staff, particularly at this age.

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