Tickle v. Tackle 16

  • Jaime finally nets #109. Appropriately it's on a penalty. Hopefully we don't have to wait to few months more (or for the next pen, whichever comes first) for #110.
  • Deep and dangerous. That's what Liverpool are looking. They ran out the B team against Toulouse in the Champions' League qualifier and thumped the French side 4-0. They were nice to watch as well, with some lovely passing, moments of individual skill, and loads of determination. I'll be hugely surprised if Pennant keeps Benayoun out of this side with any regularly.
  • My EPL fantasy side had a great week. Too bad I thought it was going to be better because I forgot that I ditched Fabregas. Ugh.
  • MLS is going down to the wire. The race for the Supporters' Shield is on, and any of 4-5 sides have a realistic chance of taking the crown. Down at the middle of the table, the battle for playoff spots is heating up as well as the Crew have been sucked into the morass with KC and Red Bull likely to follow.

  • Poor Frank Yallop. The dude looks miserable on the LA bench. He's a quality coach and it just sucks that he's saddled with Alexi "The Franchise Destroyer" Lalas. The sooner he gets out of that burning zeppelin ("Oh, the Beck-hamity!") and on his way to San Jose's expansion team, the better.
  • Not so SuperLiga! Holy freakin' crap! They're capping attendance at 12.5k for an international cup final to ease parking problems at the school? Just hold the damn game at the Rose Bowl! So much for the joy that has been SuperLiga. Makes you think they should revoke the Galaxy's victory over DC in the semis on principle and stage the final in RFK with a team that might give Pachuca a bit of a run for their money. Question is - can we take this as an admission that Becks is out of this game? Of course, all blame must fall squarely on the shoulders of Alexi "The Fledgeling International Tournament Destroyer" Lalas.
  • Down, down, down we go! Wednesday are the only team in the Fizzy Soda Pop League without a damn point. But hey, at least we can beat League One sides (at least we can at home, in extra time, in our own house), so things look good for next year. Blech! I blame Alexi "I'm so awful I can destroy second division English sides that I'm not even tangentially related too, except maybe that I played with John Harkes" Lalas.
  • My eyes! My eyes! Looks like French cooking has gotten to Platini. And why does Blatter get the armband? Since when has he been an effective and inspiring leader? Looks a bit like Ronaldo in that number 9 though :-) Of course, blame must, as always, fall on Alexi "But old men in tight shirts are my bag, baby" Lalas.