United Recap - Damn that "Brian" Boswell!

Just a few quick hits in and around this one, once again viewed with my one-eyed pirate's glare.
  • Holy crap on that sitter "Brian" Boswell! That couldn't have been Bobby cause I heard him saying that he got his groove back, right? Oh well, must have been "Brian" cause I heard the announcer say his name three times. To be fair, the announcer did drop the ball on quite a few occasions (Moreno hasn't played since the Copa? Really, how'd he do his hammy against Dallas then?).
  • Ugh, beaten via the Route One express from a keeper's clearance. What a crappy way to go down. The worst part is that if Ngwenya showed the least bit of competence, we would have succumbed twice to the same Brit-ball special.
  • How many freakin' chances do we need to get a damn goal? Wiffs, deflections, blocks, missed final balls, holding it just a bit too long. Aarrgghhh! We need an assassin and Emiligol is falling down on the job.
  • Gros just has way too many brain farts. You can't fault his effort, but the soccer brain needs a bit of an overhaul and I just don't think he'll ever be able to adapt to playing defense. Maybe he's carrying too many accessories (headgear, wrist wrap)?
  • Jaime was looking pretty good in patches. What could we have done in this tournament with a healthy Moreno? Here's hoping that America will spank Morelia tonight and we'll get a chance to find out. If not, let's hope he can carry his recent form (pre-injury) back to MLS and we can get rolling again.
  • We had a bit of a run after Jaime came on where it looked like we might get back into it (was that a 3-3-4/3-3-1-3?), but started to sputter and never really looked like dragging one back over the last 10-15 minutes.
  • Time to play the waiting game. Come on America, do us a solid!

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