Wednesday Recap - Through to Round 2

After suffering a humiliating 4-1 defeat to Ipswich on the opening day of the Championship and selling star left winger Chris Brunt to West Brom in the aftermath, the Owls faced a mid-week Carling Cup tie in the first round away to local rivals Rotherham. Things didn't look good early as the League Two side jumped out to an early lead. Fortunately, Wednesday were able to set things right and storm back to win 3-1 and advance to a Round 2 tie with Hartlepool.

Now, can somebody please explain why I get better coverage of this match, and indeed the club in general, from everywhere but Wednesday's own site? The "massive" writeup available on Wednesday world has basically the pre-match team news and the times of the goals along with scorers. And you can't even get to any content without giving them a name, phone number, address, the blood of your first born child . . . you get the idea.

No RSS feeds, no highlights unless you pay their ridiculous subscription fees for Wednesday World, and for christsakes, the transfers page hasn't been updated in who knows how long. I'm supposed to pay for this crap? I may complain from time to time about the official MLS websites, but at least they realize the value to providing information about their league to the interested fan in order to generate and maintain interest. Pardon me while I scuttle off to YouTube, BitTorrent, and the darker corners of the intarwebs (hi, ESPN Soccernet!) to get a half-decent Owls-fix.

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