The Curse of Garth - Part II

Yes, yes, Mourinho-gate and all that - I'll address that whole fiasco in a bit. Right now, I'm more concerned about the much more important management moves on this side of the Atlantic. Namely, United color-man, Garth "Sweet Creamery Butter" Lagerway, being named GM in charge of soccer operations and player personnel for Real Salt Lake, the "Spruce Goose" of MLS (not to be confused with the "Hindenburg" of MLS - we all know which crazy red-head plague-carrier is piloting that doomed balloon).

A couple of interesting notes to go along with this move. First, how much does this appointment have to do with Lagerway being a college teammate (and roommate?) of RSL head coach Jason Kreis? Are they trying to construct a two-headed management dragon marching in lockstep? It certainly can't have anything to do with experience given Lagerway's qualifications as a former player (we'll allow that keepers are indeed soccer players for the purposes of this argument - flame away in the comments my fine-feathered loonball netminder compatriots :-), a lawyer, and a marginally talented color commentator.

Second, given Garth's comments regarding the quality, or rather - the lack thereof, of the current RSL playing staff during the DC-RSL match last week, can we expect an off-season firesale the likes of which we haven't seen since...hmm, it really hasn't been that long, has it? You know, since Crazy Alexi's "All young talent must go!" bargain-basement QVC-style sell-a-thon this summer?

Regardless, congratulations to Mr. Lagerway on his new position and good luck in building up DC United West into a contender. We've seen the kind of success this type of franchising operation has up in the Swamp with DC United North!

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