Tickle v. Tackle 20

  • Sheffield Wednesday are finally off the mark with a 1-0 result over Hull. Any joy will have to be restrained, however, as the Owls still sit bottom of the Fizzy Soda Pop League on goal difference.
  • God, I just love to watch Chelsea implode. Not that I have any sort of historical hatred of the club or anything. Matter of fact, my main concern with them is now gone, as I was for so long frustrated by Mourinho's negative tactics when blessed with the budget to field a wonder-team that could produce fantastic entertainment. Now that that pesky little Machiavellian egomaniac has been shown the door, will Chelsea somehow morph into a side oozing class and style? Pardon me while I don the skeptical spectacles.
  • Thank you Matt Pickens! Not only did you keep DC's unbeaten streak alive with your absolute head-scratcher, but you also - just for a moment - gave DC fans a chance to pause and reflect, on the eve of our rematch with Chivas Guadalajara, just how thankful we should be to have Troy Perkins in the net, even if his blunder cost us our last contest with the Mexican side. Cheers, Mr. Pickens!
  • Hot Euro Action! Minds out of gutters please! Chelsea-ManU, Juve-Roma, Barca-Sevilla - what a week! Don't get me wrong, I love MLS, but it's good to have games like these back on the tube to spice up the weekend.

  • John Terry ought to be ashamed of himself. Admittedly, that probably wasn't a red card offense, but the Chelsea skipper did his best spoiled brat routine by attempting to snatch the red card out of referee Mike Dean's hand. In the past I've appreciated Terry's commitment and approach to the game, but in the last year or so, I've been actively rooting against him as his ego looks to have gotten away from him, possibly even resulting in Mourinho's exit from the club when the Special One dared to question the Spoiled One. Throw the book at him!
  • Why doesn't anybody want to grab that last MLS playoff spot? The trio of Chicago, Columbus, and Colorado are falling all over themselves in a vain attempt to avoid the eighth and final spot among the post-season contenders. In a desperate bid to join them, the Wiz are also stumbling towards the finish line.
  • Omar Bravo's selective memory. "The last time we met, we beat them fairly easily; we grabbed a tie in D.C. and then beat them in el 'Estadio Jalisco.'" Huh? Fairly easily? Rrriiigghhht. Move along now people, nothing to see here, leave the poor deluded Goat alone. Ah, mis amigos Mexicanos! When did they move "de Nile" across the Atlantic?

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