As If I Need More Reasons to Hate LA

You know, the Metrobulls are supposed to be the big, nasty enemy that must be abhorred and all, but I'll reserve my spite for the LA Galaxy. How many more bile-spewing rage-fests can they inspire me to? How many times do they have to rise up and bite us in the ass? How much more can a man take?

Things were going so well for 93 minutes today. The Gals were getting the draw with the Fire that would see justice served by eliminating Lalas' Abomination from the playoffs and would have the added benefit of landing DC an opening round match-up with a very beatable Wiz side. Heck, even the MLS honchos had to be salivating at the prospect of Blanco contra Chivas and the coffer-filling packed houses that would ensue. But then the Galaxy did what the Galaxy did best and let in a soft stoppage time winner at the death, thus sealing a DC-Chicago opening round tie.

Ugh. I suppose you could say there is a first time for everything, but United will be swimming against the brutal tides of history when they face Chicago, and I'm sure the 2005 playoffs will be foremost in everyone's mind. The thrashing at RFK, Gomez spitting, the horror, the horror! Ah well, here's hoping that by the time the dust settles on round one, all of the DP's are out of the playoffs. That'll make Don Garber and company even more ecstatic than they were to see Beckham's contributions at the turnstile put on ice until spring!

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