Crazy Talkin' With Christopher Sullivan

Let's put aside for just a second the weird "demi-accent", the ability to get a word in edgewise over the sheer volume of mostly nonsense and hot air churned out by Max Bretos, and the occasional "what game is he watching?" moment; and instead place our focus upon Christopher Sullivan's ability to dip into the vast pool of the English vocabulary and pull out some absolute stunners.

Suppleness noun.
1: the gracefulness of a person or animal that is flexible and supple [syn: {lissomeness}, {litheness}]
2: the property of being pliant [syn: {pliancy}, {pliantness}]

So, when Sullivan drags this nugget out to describe Metrobulls defender Jeff Parke, he's technically correct in that he means to imply that Parke contorts gracefully to enact the clearance of a cross coming into the box. Spot on. So maybe this is just me, but when I hear supple or suppleness, the immediate thing that springs to my mind is a description of leather. Or a lover. Or, even better, the combination of a lover and leather. So imagine the juxtaposition of that picture in my mind with the reality of Jeff Parke. The horror, the horror!

Anybody else have these "Sully" moments?

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