Tickle v. Tackle 24


There's just something about a United team in black. God help me, but I actually enjoyed watching Manchester United in their all-black away strip as they demolished Villa on Saturday. The Dirty Devils were playing some some quick, one- and two-touch, barnstorming attacking play . . . And, my oh my, look who else got the offensive wheels turning! Wednesday hit two late goals to win 4-2 away to Stoke City . . . Of course, this being Wednesday, the good news was tempered by losing new boy Franny Jeffers to a serious ankle injury in the first half and inevitably followed by a midweek return to losing ways. Ah, the troubled, troubled life of the Owls supporter . . . Say what you will about Mr. Adu (yes, we're looking at you, Mr. Burch), but the buzz is starting to build again after a breakout showing at the U-20 World Cup and a move to Europe. A solid appearance as a sub for the US senior side versus Switzerland, scoring heroics for Benfica in the Portuguese League Cup, and now he's earned some Champions' League minutes for his club side. The cynical may call for bone scans, but he's starting to deliver on all that promise that we're all so sick of hearing about--and he's still just 18 years old! We're still a long way from "Giuseppe Rossi who?", but the US needs players who have flair and creativity and aren't afraid to use them (Hi Landon, comfortable out there with the wildfires?) . . .


Say what you will about Rob Stone (and I sure have!), but at least he can generally keep his idioms straight. As opposed to say, Christian Miles, the antichrist of soccer broadcasting, in his lead-in to the Boro-Chelsea game, referring to Boro's "happy stomping grounds." WTF? Happy stomping grounds?. . . Does the Dick qualify? Cause it sure hasn't been that great to the Rapids, though most of the blame should fall on their turkey of a manager. How long will Rocky Mountain Arsenal stick with Clavijo now that they've bowed out of the playoff hunt so meekly? . . . Speaking of folks who've been around too long--isn't it about time that someone puts the stake through Jack Warner's heart? . . . What, oh what were Real Madrid playing at in their Champions' League match this week? Despite finally limping to victory, they always looked likely to concede on the counter--against 10 man Olympiakos--when they were holding the lead! Keep that sort of play up and perhaps the Special One will be sauntering into town on his immaculately scarfed and stubbled white pony . . .

Thus ends your transmission from the Fullbackian Stream o' the Ever-Righteous Consciousness. We now return you to your regularly scheduled humdrum existence. Namasté

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