This will be brief and unedited, so forgive any spelling, grammar, or incomprehensible gibberish as the thoughts aren't quite coming clearly at the moment. Can't fault the refs--sure there were some bad decisions, but I think we actually came out ahead in the favorable calls department. Can't fault the heart--United left it on the pitch. Can't fault the house--wonderful noise and color. Some questions about the following:
  • Tommy Soehn - maybe a bit too balls out from the start if you're going to have the "slow pair"--Boz and Vanney--at the back. Still wondering about that decision.
  • Emilio - don't think he was 100%
  • Addlery - bye, bye--thanks for trying, do not pass go, do not collect an MLS paycheck next year, good luck at Real Maryland United Albion Wandering Rovers FC or whatever the hell new USL2 team is.
  • God damn what would could been if we could have taken that to extra time with the team they had on the pitch.
  • I'm proud to be a United fan after that fightback. Bitter, devastated, wrung out and stiff like an overused dishrag--but proud. I love my team.
That is all. We'll see how long the recovery takes. Good night.


  1. I agree with all of the above. Truth.

  2. Addlery actually held the ball up and helped set up the goals with his play... much more than Emilio did on the night. You might want to get rid of him, but it should not be on the basis of his performance in this game.

  3. As someone who has frequently pinched your stuff of late, I am writing with my condolences; I think it showed all right in this.

  4. @pjdinho True enough that Addlery added energy, but his touch is awful and the scoring chances that came his way were absolutely ignored. Frustrating to say the least, but I'll agree with your Emilio assessment--no way he was 100%.

    @manly ferry Thanks for the words, I'm starting to drift towards acceptance, but it's hard to see that pile of thuggish merde march past us again. Hope your Revs deal with them better than we did. Something tells me your own hoodlum-ish bent may stand you in good stead.