The List is Life

Break out the surgical masks because expansion fever is sweeping the Soccer Nation! The unprotected lists are out and San Jose is on the clock as they sift the sediment of the current MLS rosters looking for a nugget or two. And lo and behold! Take a look at United's protected eleven as per Goff, and then take a look at my own predicted eleven from two weeks ago!

It's good to be the king!

Well, at least I can now tell my wife that all of those hours spent toiling in the Football Manager salt mines may actually have accomplished something . . .

So, now we know who is off the table. Given the names left unprotected, we'll undoubtedly be losing either Brian Carroll or Rod Dyachenko. My money is on Carroll, a relatively cheap veteran player who probably gets the starting nod, while Rod is more promise than content at the moment. Of course, we'll temper that assumption with the knowledge that Starship LA has left Harmse and Tudela unprotected--players that featured in Carroll's favored d-mid role for Yallop during his stint at the head of Lalas' Abomination.

I'll be vacating the Fullback Cave in a few hours and won't return until Friday evening, but I'll probably check in when I wrangle some internet time. We shall see if the Quakes' choices move me to punditry or not. Toodles.

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