Tickle v. Tackle 27


Holy crap, the Owls hang five on the Saints to make it four wins from six and a run of four unbeaten. Wednesday are now poised to push into the top half of the table. A decent run through the busy holiday season could see them joining the playoff fray. Ah, the lovely roller coaster that is Sheffield Wednesday . . . While we're on the Fizzy Soda Pop League, anybody else think that the MLS Western Conference final looked a bit like a top of the table Championship clash? Fast, direct, and brutal, with flashes of skill and the occasional decent passing movement . . . Back in the US of A, Seattle plants the spear for the Pacific Northwest and gets their inoculations in advance of expansion fever. Now begins the all-important naming process. The fans get to suggest their favorites, but who here thinks the nattering nabobs at league headquarters can keep their grubby hands out of this pie? Welcome to MLS, Atletico Space Needle United FC!


The Revs in yet another final--ugh! Let the snoozefest and base hackery begin . . . Typical failings in Metrobull-land as stadium delays begin to mount and it's looking more and more like 2010 for the first kick in anger to be fired at Red Bull Park. It seemd for a while there that the District had dealt United a hammer-blow in the Atlantic Cup race to cozy soccer-specific-stadium-ness, but there's now new life in the contest . . . Hey, I thought that Cleveland rocked? So what's up with the Emerald City, Mr. Carey? C'mon now, let's try keep things local . . . Captain Kissypants and Big Red are having a bit of a spat out in LA--yawn--wake me for the money shot when that abomination of a club implodes yet again.

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