TvT 29 - Knees and Qualies and Trades--Oh My!


Though there are no certain things in life or in futbol, the US has been handed a fairly easy road to the Hexagonal in CONCACAF's World Cup qualifying dance . . . In other qualifying news, plenty of enticing match-ups abound. England gets another chance to fail miserably against Croatia, the Koreas square off in the Asian group stages, and the Aussies jump the Oceania ship for Asia, attempting to avoid the play-in, but get stuck in a tough qualifying group. Wouldn't it be great if they crash and burn in the group stage and watch the Kiwis march into a qualifier against an Asian side and out with a spot in the cup? Fun for everyone and the COMNEBOLians are already getting it on . . . Back on the club side of the fence, Wednesday are flying after a slow start. The 1-0 derby result over Barnsley puts the Owls just four points shy of the playoff spots . . .


Ah, poor Captain Argyle--on his way to being devoured by Sigi the Hutt. Alas for the days when he was a promising player before a series of Euro tryouts sewed kryptonite into his sweater vests. Now, he'll be issued a hard hat and will have to get used to early vacations in the fall and jock rock over the PA . . . In other bad news for American players, RunDMB suffers a season-ending knee injury in Champions' League action for Rangers. Beas was really starting to play well for both club and country, so hopefully he'll be able to get back in the saddle for the Red, White, and Blue's qualifying bid next summer. Fortunately, we're pretty well stocked with left-sided midfielders, despite the injury bug taking a big chunk out of their numbers as of late . . . God, I didn't think the MLS offseason would be such a blow to the blog. Ah well, guess I'll never be a proper Eurosnob ;-p . . .

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