Tickle v. Tackle - Fill 'er Up, Amigo!


Lots of promising players and play in the NCAA College Cup. The better teams seem to be playing better in possession than they did in the past, but it's all still a bit rough-and-tumble, with the touch of players of real quality standing out in sharp contrast to their fellows. At 19-22, these players should be playing consistently in an environment where they are surrounded by players of like still so that they have to work that extra bit harder to develop their talent. That is, if the US ever expects to be a force on the world stage. If not--hell, it's still a lot of fun to watch, and isn't that what it's all about? . . . Dave Kasper says "no truth" to the rumors of United acquiring rapidly aging Argentine striker Claudio Lopez. Good--that's settled then, Dave Kasper and Kevin Payne are not, nor have they ever been, Alexi Lalas in disguise . . . Well, now we've got an official date to count down to. DC United will face Harbour View FC in the opening round of the CONCACAF Champions' Cup somewhere in the March 11-13 time frame . . . Cute . . .


After a momentary distraction, my ears were wrenched back to sharp attention on the Arsenal-Chelsea scrap when the following words hit them, "New England manager Fabio Capello". It took a long, confused, through-the-looking-glass pause before reality and the legendary nature of the Krafts' tightwad-ish spending habits allowed me to process a mention of the "new England manager Fabio Capello" . . . A weekend that promised so much in the Premier League turned out to be something of a bust, with first half corner-kick winners deciding two 1-0 matches between the "big four" of English futbol . . . The Goffster just had to bring back the link to the Brazil Name generator, and I just had to fall for it again. Fullback Files apparently would go by the moniker "Filisco". Filisco? What the hell is that? Sounds like a crappy chain of Latin American gas stations to me. Fill 'er up, amigo!

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