TvT 30 - What's a Fan To Do?


From 4 senior internationals and 3 youth internationals to 8 foreigners, regardless of age? MLS is dipping its toe into the big, bad world of globalization. We're a long way from international teams of mercenaries like Arsenal (aka: the French-speaking Foreign Legion), but the move should alleviate the talent deficit that is bound to crop up when MLS moves to 16 teams . . . Will he, won't he? The Special One may be interested in taking the reins of the three bedraggled lions after all. Nice fit--what better position for an arrogant mercenary with no concern for the artistry of futbol than as the captain of a like-minded ship of fools? . . . Hattrick has made some much-needed adjustments to the youth academy system, but this short-lived joy is tempered by my club crashing out of the cup this week. Ouch, slow news week!


Poor Beas. What's the US National Team without injured left wingers? Why can't we seem to keep them all healthy at one time? In typical fashion, I'm going to blame Alexi Lalas . . . What cost Veron? Now admittedly, United doesn't have Lalas in the front office to submarine the team, but does DC really need a DP right now? Seems to me that we're doing fairly well without one, and giving up a key component just to get an aging part that might not be a perfect fit absolutely reeks of eau de Lalas . . . I really didn't think that the MLS off-season would have such an impact on me or the blog. Seems like Mad Mo should be wheelin' and dealin' in the frozen white north, Alexi Lame-ass should be signing Methuselah for the Gals, Donovan should be complaining because it's not 75 degrees and sunny in LA (all while doing the OCD "let's kiss every body part" shuffle), and Reyna should be sidelined 2-3 weeks with a groin strain, or bum hammy, or calf soreness, or fragile ankle syndrome, or knees falling off, or face being devoured by a flesh-eating bacteria, or something. Where are the stories of Carlos Ruiz getting bumped in the checkout line at the grocery store and taking a flagrant dive? When do we get to hear about Jay Heaps two-footing some carolers trying to spread a little cheer on his front lawn? What's a fan to do?

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