United Alumni Watch - Good Saint Bobby

Hot on the heels of Saint Bobby's good deeds for the little ones being brought to light came a pretty decent outing for the former United midfielder in Reading's 3-1 shocker over Rafa's Reds. Con-vee, Con-vay, or possibly Con-way (the crack Brit announcing crew tried all three), knocked the ball into space that lead to Carragher continuing his mission to maul anybody who dares enter the Liverpool box. Unlike the egregious fouls Carragher's gotten away with in the past few months, this time Instant Karma knocked him right on the head and the ref pointed to the spot for a foul that looked to be just outside the 18, and Reading dutifully bagged the opener.

Convey also played the ball through to a streaking Harper for Reading's third and generally hustled and linked up well with the other attacking players, popping up on the right wing and through the middle, as well as his traditional spot wide on the left. There was quick one-touch stuff, hustling after balls, blocking crosses, and even a vicious hit from distance on the break, though it should come as no surprise to United fans that he managed to miss the frame (to be fair--he didn't miss by much).

A resurgent and healthy Convey is welcome news for Reading, but should also be massively encouraging for Bob Bradley and the US, who will be without DaMarcus Beasley in the early stages of CONCACAF World Cup qualification and sure could use a decent left winger to fill the breach.

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