Gettin' Drafty | Part 3 - Welcome, Assorted White Guys!

So the SuperDraft has come and gone, trailing a string of head-scratching decisions and a certain Galactic SuperClub pregnant with allocation money in its wake. So lets gargle with the tepid salt-water of half-baked pseudo-analysis and attempt to rinse the SuperBitter aftertaste of Lalas and his incessant limelight-grabbing time-out usage, the nattering inanity that is SuperStoner, and one-track John "He's a great player!" Harkes from the collective SuperThroats of the Soccer Nation with a look at the newest SuperMembers of the DC United SuperFold.

Andrew Jacobson

The Cal midfielder gets high marks from Buzz and Joe. They both put him among the top midfielders available in the draft, and I have to say, I like what they're saying about him. Big (6'2"), technically strong, and can pick out a pass. Just the type of player that should slot right into United's style of play (well, except for the whole 6-foot plus height thing). Sounds like he might fill the d-mid depth void that has suddenly appeared behind Simms with the impending departure of young Mr. Arguez. The futsal angle also tells me that he's probably got some quick feet and good touch for a big man. Thumbs up!

Ryan Cordeiro

Is it just me? Am I the only one catching some serious Quaranta-stench coming off of this kid? Hope that's just the pictures that I've been seeing. Buzz rates him reasonably highly among the forwards on offer, but focuses on his ability to play in multiple positions. I think I also saw somewhere that he's a southpaw, which doesn't hurt as we're not exactly stocked in that department. Could he be a contender for the type of wing threat that we've so desperately lacked? Of course, the collegiate observers also say that he's not all that speedy either, so he'd better be able to cross if we intend to make a decent winger out of him. Patience, patience, let's just see if he's got enough to make the 28-man roster before we get too ambitious.

Tony Schmitz

Well, we certainly haven't gotten any shorter in this draft. Another 6 footer, Schmitz is listed as a defender/midfielder. Let's hope that's a wide defender/midfielder that can start to pick up junk minutes busting a gut up and down the flanks to provide some much needed depth. Nobody seems to rate him very highly, including, who don't even have a link to his vitals on their SuperDraft page, so we'll have to rely on the wisdom of the same front office that gave us gems like Brad North and Ricky Schramm last year.

So . . . Jacobson looks a promising prospect who might see some minutes. The others? Let's just hope they can contribute more than last year's draft class, which shouldn't be too demanding a task. Pardon me now while I go and set up my lawn chair in the snow and stare hopefully in the direction of South America.

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