Little Help!

I know, I know. Anybody of a certain age . . .
Hi there, Mr./Mrs./Ms. srange slices at halftime, Mom's in the minivan, Dad's home watching the wrong sort of football, Jams-wearing, Vans-sporting (when not in flip-flops), bleach-streaked skater-haired (God, I hope you're not going to admit to the mullet, are you?), travel team raising hell at the Holiday Inn in Bowie or Fairfax or parts unknown, and so on and so forth.
. . . will probably have developed antibodies that prevent them from hearing "little help" or "unlucky" as a survival reflex to keep them from going insane through repeated exposure. But I'm saying it nonetheless.

With the impending, probable demise of as my one-stop, load up the cart with televised footie goodness for the next week and go set the DVR in 15 minutes or less solution, I'm struggling to find a replacement. I've taken a look at a few sources, with being the front-runner at the moment, though it won't be quite as convenient and requires more digging and filtering on my part. Now, if they could include a filter where I only got the schedules of the channels I wanted on one master list, without having to wade through individual channel pages or listings for the likes of Setanta, PFC International or GolTV-Canada, I'd be a very, very happy boy.

As it is, I'm still left feeling a bit at sea, so I put it to you, Dear Readers, "little help, please!"

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  1. I'm in the same boat...just send the help along if and when you get it, 'cause I'm not seeing anything other than scouting the individual sources (e.g., FOX Soccer, even the BigSoccer TV Calendar) if goes quiet.