Tickle v Tackle - Hand-Wringers United!


Props to Ives for the news that the kids are alright. It'll be interesting to see how the academy system develops in the States, though of course, it'll only further ghetto-ize soccer in the eyes of Joe American Sportsfan as being the domain of "Pinko Commie Euro-queers." Pinko Commie Euro-queers--they were part of the No Wave scene in the early 80's, right? Yeah, I think I've got a dilapidated t-shirt around here somewhere . . . Guess Onalfo was none to pleased with his defenders last year as he's swapping them left and right for draft picks. Getting the first pick for Nick Garcia is good business if you can get it, and it'll be interesting to see what the Wiz have in mind for that pick . . .


You know that old saw? 'Ware the team that has just had their manager sacked as they'll be fighting to impress the new manager, convince folks they weren't to blame for losing the last manager, and in general just doing the pride bit? Yeah, ManU's 6-0 spanking of the Magpies sort of puts paid to that, doesn't it? . . . Lots of dirt from the combine about coach/front office sightings, but I haven't heard (or maybe I just missed) any mention of United staff in attendance. Does this mean the front office is saying: (1) screw the draft, we've got 8 foreign spots to fill with more talent at reasonable prices than any sane man could expect from the slim pickings in the shallow draft pool, or (2) United has considered their low draft position (first pick is 24th overall, and they've only got three picks) and not so stellar record in the drafting arena, and, to mix my sports metaphors, decided to punt? . . . EJ is going to make it another Yank at Fulham? Seriously, dudes, there are other clubs in Europe. And heaven help poor Fulham--relying on 3 American attackers to keep them up when every US Soccer fan is frightfully aware that, let's all say it together, "American strikers can't finish!" (zing!) . . . The Fish returns to the Galaxy. That's really not so much of a surprise, but I swear that they're trying to live up to their moniker and recreate the MLS version of Real Madrid's Galacticos that saw soooo much success (sound of sarcasm meter's glass breaking violently) when they went all grabby-hands on the offensive talent and ignored the defensive side of things. Oh yeah, I almost forgot--whither the vaunted MLS salary cap? . . . Well, crap! I had to go and shoot my big mouth off about United's roster shaping up nicely and now we're waving bye-bye to Arguez and there's some nervous hand-wringing over Emilio's near-term future as well. Zoinks!


  1. Emilio isn't going anywhere. And even if the prospect was serious, Morelia couldn't afford the heck of a transfer fee they'd have to fork over.

  2. I'll agree that it's probably unlikely that he'll leave now, but he hasn't exactly been one to put down roots for any extended period of time, so it wouldn't surprise me if he moved on given another bucketload of goals this year.

    That said, I'm not certain his production will be anywhere near last year's. He'll probably bag somewhere around a dozen unless we've got another consistent scoring threat to keep opposition defenses from keying on him.