Big Audio Dynamite

Crank up those podcatchers!

Last year, United fans could load their little audio devices with both Dave Lifton's excellent Screaming Eagles Podcast and the always entertaining Soccer Show, presented by This year, the Soccer Show band is undergoing a bit of cellular division, spawning the WJFK Soccer Show with John Dyson and Aaron Stollar and the UnitedMania Podcast, with the rest of last year's crew (no insult intended by that---well, except for the indirect one that goes pinging off Sigi the Hutt's hard-hatted boys as a result of having to make this disclaimer).

Also, by subscribing to the new WJFK Soccer Show, your support may just help get it picked up for live radio broadcasts--which can only be a good thing for all concerned. So hook up the feeds and pop in the earbuds--it's not just pre-season for the players, we're in media-consumption camp as well!

P.S. The first person to take the title of this post and make a lame joke attempt centering around a "Clash" between United podcasts will be second in line for a horse-whipping. Those clueless to the reference will be first. Consider yourselves warned! ;-)


  1. All these bitches be rippin' me off.

  2. Oh dear, looks like the smack is about to be put down, as it were. Watch your collective backs, my United audio brethren! ;-)

  3. So they're on the radio now? Is that Capitol Radio? Orbiting your living room? No, wait that's Radio Clash...

    Either way, I hope they'll broadcast sometime from the Green Grass of the Sambadrome... Or would that be Beyond the Pale? To get in to that, you'd need to Rush to get a Ticket or else you're stuck with the Other 99 'cos It's a Jungle Out There. Either way, you'd better wear your Sunday Best.

    (That last is from the unreleased album, "Entering A New Ride", which I have if anyone wants it.)

  4. Whip-hand . . . getting . . . itchy . . . can't . . . resist . . . "Rawhide" theme . . . on looped playback . . . ;-)