Here There Be Dragons

We're in the home stretch now, folks! The Bog is back on the United beat with an update on the inkiness of United's new blood. While Benny is zinging the one-liners as usual ("IM'ing, texting, tattoos, that's so '90s," Ben Olsen said, while glancing at Quaranta. "We have to start evolving as a species"), and Namoff prefers the dry humor ("I just can't find something that I would like 30 years from now. Maybe just 'Namoff' on the back, in case I forget my name"), it's our new DP, Marcelo Gallardo, that takes the cake this round describing the existential regret of the tats of youth . . .
"The dragon ate me inside. In my inside, the dragon put me on fire. When I was a little younger, I was a little crazy."

Man, who hasn't been there? You and me both, hermano! ;-)

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  1. "It's like the NBA in 1995," he [Ben] told Quaranta. "Tattoos are so '95 NBA. Tattoos are done."

    "He's jealous," Quaranta said. "He's got no room for tattoos because of the hair."

    I officially want Quaranta on the team.