Tickle v. Tackle - Dispatching the Creaking Crones

DC United & MLS

Goals, goals, goals! United kick off the Texas Chainsaw Massacre Ultimate Challenge Smackdown with a pair of 2-1 victories over the baby Goats. Good to see the boys starting to find the net. Particularly encouraging is the involvement of the new players . . . And how 'bout that dwarf? Niell sticks in another with his noggin to take his pre-season tally to three headed goals . . . Q1 is back in black and none too soon. If he is indeed focused, I'll be much more comfortable having him man the right flank while Beninho works his way back from the vampiric ankle voodoo, than putting Kirk, Moose, Mediate, or whoever out there as a stopgap . . .

Oh MLS, why do you have to go and shoot yourself in the head (or heart, as the case may be) over and over again? It's just not amusing any more.

Champions' League
(that one across the pond, not the world-conquering CONCACAF version set to launch this summer/fall ;-)

Sevilla v. Fenerbahce was magnificent watching (at least the extended highlights were). True--the defending wasn't great and the goalkeeping questionable at best, but both sides went for it and attacked with real intent, which can't be said for some of those staid old matrons of the G14 . . . Speaking of said ancient, rickety hags, well done to the swashbuckling Roma and Arsenal, who took their away legs by the scruff of the neck and shook hard until the creaking crones of Milan and Madrid gave up the ghost. A fantastic victory for futbol! . . .

Alas for poor Porto! Schalke did their miserable best not to entertain, but still needed a superheroic performance from Manuel Neuer in the net to keep their opponents at bay. Having watched some of the unfortunate mistakes that have haunted Herr Neuer this season, I'm frankly astonished at the saves he was pulling out of his posterior . . .


  1. The CL's keepers got a workout this week, that's for sure. Made for some entertaining stuff. :)

    But of course, I am excited beyond words about the CL results. Arsenal and Barcelona have the freakin' easiest path to CL victory that I daresay has ever existed.


  2. By the way. I am not too worried by this, but I know you will be.


  3. Yeah, I think I mentioned that in the last TvT. I'm not terribly bothered by it. The better players will move on to some newly promoted or lower mid-table side, in England or elsewhere, and the others will slog it out in the Championship (which might actually be good for the likes of EJ).

  4. Thst was unexpected... :)

    Personally I don't think that they were going to EPL for the quality of the game in the Championship. They were going to play in the Prem. And if they don't stay in the Prem, I doubt they'll want to stay at all. But I don't know...