Tickle v. Tackle - Vendetta, Baby!

DC United

Tickle - My, oh my, but there seems to be Much Ado about Stratford. Measure for Measure he seems to be making quite an impression on the United braintrust--enough to earn a spot in the 18-man squad traveling to the islands in the face of a Tempest of competition for places. After the Comedy of Errors surrounding the Jacobson Affair, this Winter's Tale seems to have come to a happy conclusion for the United midfield. Here's hoping All's Well That Ends Well. Suppie power!

Tackle - Remember back when we were first welcoming our new draft picks and I thought that Ryan Cordeiro had a strikingly Tino-esque presence in his photos courtesy of the hair product and the faux "I'm a badass" look? Well, seems that the resemblance went into numerology as well, with young Cordeiro sporting Tino's once-curs├ęd #25 during training camp. Now that Q1 is back in the fold, it looks like he'll be taking it back. Can the numbers truly reveal all?


Tickle - Oh, that FA Cup! Little Jack Barnsley has been slaying nasty Prem giants all the way to the semi-finals. How long can their run continue? Well, now that the Big Four have all gone out and they're facing mighty Championship opposition, they'll probably crash out with an awful appearance in the semifinals at Wembley.

Tackle - Fulhamerica get jobbed by the refs for the second week running, but still manage a draw on the road to a top-half of the table club, with EJ's speed looking much more of a danger than his technical ability (surprise, surprise). You have to wonder how much better the Cottagers' league position would be had Bullard been healthy all year.

Mega-Tackle of the Week

Nowak's much-hyped US U-23's are not exactly off to a flying start in the Olympic qualifying tourney after opening with a 1-1 draw against lowly Cuba. Rampant speculation had the offensive might of the US Men's unloved, much-neglected middle child steamrolling the competition. Not so fast! The US should still manage to get out of their group, but the danger is exactly the same as it was last time--avoiding Mexico in the semi's. Of course, some--myself included, wouldn't mind seeing the US start slow, finish second in the group, but ride a rising tide of momentum that grows to tsunami levels and flattens our amigos south of the 2-0 divide, crushing their Olympic dreams. Vendetta, baby!


  1. No more Shakespeare metaphors!! please!! I have been faced with too much of it today. (I'm assistant director for our school's Much Ado About Nothing, as I found out today...but I didn't get the part I deserved so now I'm mad at my "boss.") Whatever. Anyway, the US performed exactly as I predicted, however, on a more patriotic note, I wish them well next time.

    I'm already in my #10 Gomez jersey, only moments after returning home. I'm so excited for this game you have no bloody idea. I've had a countdown going on in my school for weeks, practically. It's insane.

  2. Stratford and Niell got to play, I'm happy, even though it ended 1 to 1. To be honest, Harbor View FC deserved at least a draw if not a win, so I think we were lucky to get away how we did. I may not like Harbor View but at this point I do respect them, and to be honest I'm just so glad the offseason is over!