TvT Special Edition - This Just In . . . ESPN Hates Soccer!

Tickle v. Tackle will not be seen this week, owing to scheduling difficulties and the ferocious tolls imposed upon us (me) by all of the tea-reading, rune-casting, and terrifying bouts of opium-induced prognosticological trance states required to predict the future of MLS 2008. But in the interim, we bring you this special edition of the Tickle v. Tackle . . .

Mega Tackle of the Week!

Okay, you folks in your trademarked and copyrighted mouse ears, huddled around your giant satellite dishes in the Connecticut wilds, listen up! You've got Argentina versus the USA on June 8th. Argentina! One of the best, if not the best, assemblages of soccer talent on the freakin' planet is coming to the Big Apple (or a swamp in the relative vicinity) to face your US National Team. And what is your response?

ESPN Classic.

Now, I don't often resort to coarse language here on my lonely little blog, but I'd like to quote a passage that a hero of mine immortalized in print (and props to the first commentator to identify said hero).

Hey Disney goons! "Go take a flying fuck at a rolling donut!"


  1. Ugh.

    Isn't the England/USA match going to be on ESPN Classic, too? I don't even get that station anymore. I would have to upgrade to digital cable to even get it.

  2. I'm not at all surprised about England-USA. I mean, England? Come on. They may be beloved but at the moment they are pathetic. USA-Argentina I am surprised about, though. That should definitely make ESPN or ESPN2. Argentina is #1in FIFA's rankings right now. If they aren't "worthy" of ESPN coverage, who is??

  3. Univision will most likely have it!!