DC United Reaction - Failure Begets Failure

Success breeds success--witness the 2008 Chicago Fire.
Failure begets failure--witness the 2008 edition of DC United.

I'm not going to spend a lot of time on this, because frankly, I'm putting in about the quality of effort that the boys did last night.

First up comes pragmatic me . . .

* Chicago is hot, hot, hot. We are not, not, not. Remember that this is a side that recently spanked the Revs 3-0 on the road. Does that make 2-0 look any better? Probably not, but it does provide a bit of context.

* With Gallardo and Fred on the shelf, Jaime gimpy, and Emilio a shadow of his former self, our offense wasn't exactly in prime shape, particular when faced with a Chicago side that has only surrendered 3 goals in 7 games thus far.

Now for a bit of hysterical hand-waving . . .

* Two shots on goal? At home? And you're going to give Emilio a freakin' raise? No, no, and triple no! Bad dog! If we can't score against Chivas' miserable defense next week, it's towel-throwing time.

* We're a quarter of the way into the season. The team has had time to come together, and yet they still look lost and disconnected out there. We're slow of foot, slow of thought, and miserably predictable. That has to change in the next three games or we can pretty much resign ourselves to being also-rans this season. And hey, guess what? Two of those three are on the road, where we can't seem to even put up a decent fight.

* I'm all for giving Soehn a chance to right the ship, but I think that his chances are running out fast. He pulled us out of the early season funk last year, but I tend to think that that was more the players feeding on their own success. Tactically, he doesn't seem to know what he's doing, always reacting to the last success or failure rather than the current plate that's set before him.

* We're missing Ben Olsen like a drowning man without a life jacket.


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